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Information about the West Area of Greater Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, unlike all the other provinces in Argentina, is divided into what is here called a "partido" (literally game, meaning district) instead of "departamentos" (departments). In the West Area of Greater Buenos Aires, the division of districts and their respective neighborhoods is as follows:

  • General Rodriguez: Agua de Oro, and General Rodriguez.
  • Hurlingham: William C. Morris, Hurlingham, and Villa Tesei.
  • Ituzaingo: Ituzaingo.
  • La Matanza: San Justo, Aldo Bonzi, Ciudad Evita, Ciudad Madero, González Catán, Gregorio de Laferrere, Isidro Casanova, La Tablada, Lomas del Mirador, Rafael Castillo, Ramos Mejía, Tapiales, Veinte de Junio, Villa Luzuriaga, and Virrey del Pino.
  • Marcos Paz: Marcos Paz.
  • Merlo: San Antonio de Padua, Merlo, Libertad, Parque San Martin, Mariano Acosta, and Pontevedra.
  • Moreno: La Reja, Moreno, Moreno Sur, Francisco Álvarez, Cuartel V., Trujui, and Paso del Rey.
  • Morón: Castelar, Morón, Haedo, El Palomar, and Rafael Castillo.
  • Tres de Febrero: Ciudadela.
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